The Legacy of Storytelling

Award-winning design with a deeper meaning

Clients seeking a deeper connection to their personal history often pack up their jewelry boxes, to visit with the “spiritual jewelry guru” Glenn Bradford, who has cultivated a reputation and following for reimagining tired family jewels.

Glenn and his artist wife Sharyn are celebrating over thirty years of award-winning design.

Their highly curated collections include Glenn and Sharyn's spiritual designs, rare pink diamonds, important signed estate jewelry and collectible watches to the backdrop of Sharyn’s oversized color rich canvases. Their collections can be seen in their Port Washington and Southampton Shops. They are now bringing their couture collections to exclusive retailers around the globe.

Our Shops

Port Washington & Southampton


Word Art

"The Sharyn" Bespoke Word Art


Cocktail Rings

Glenn Bradford "Heaven & Earth", Vintage Cartier, circa 1950


Award-winning Spiritual Charms

"The Daniella" Charm Bracelet


Bespoke Engagement Rings

"The Karli", "The Sharyn", & "The Gail"


Stackable Love Bands

Estate Jewelry Collection

 Art Deco Bracelet, circa 1920


Collectible Timepiece Collection

Rolex Daytona Cosmographs, left circa 1997, right circa 2006


Christie Brinkley & Brooke Shields

Glenn Bradford Diamond Group LLC


Pink, Red and Blue Diamonds




Sharyn and Glenn Bradford with Iris Apfel